Support to Growth and Strategic/Financial Turnaround of Companies

Flexagon Capital Solutions LLP assists its clients in industrial and financial growth, and strategic and competitive repositioning with a focus to create value for all relevant stakeholders.

We specialise in supporting the ownership/management of companies to identify and tap new sources of financing, optimise existing credit lines, help opening up new distribution networks, and identify strategic investors that can support the existing governance in taking the company to the next phase of its development.

Flexagon brings strong understanding of what investors look for and can structure meaningful transactions combining the utility function of a principal investor – structures, pricing, returns, valuations, sectors, management alignment of interest, exit options – with the one of the entrepreneur - marginal growth, new markets, new and more flexible source of financing, clear incentive to realise maximum upside with or without a full exit.


Flexagon provides clients with assistance on all their debt needs, secured and unsecured, structured and vanilla. We review businesses and forecasts to ascertain debt capacity and debt fundraising options, and identify and source potential lenders.

We assist in the preparation of a solid and effective information pack to lenders, using our extensive experience to ensure that all key credit topics are satisfactorily covered. We create a competitive process and lead negotiations to ensure the best terms for the client. We provide constant assistance with presentations and information flows to lenders in order to ensure the company can remain focused on running its business.

We help clients explore and implement all possible unsecured/structured debt alternatives, taking full advantage of all possible incentives and subsidy schemes available in the UK and the EU.

Where needed Flexagon will also provide strategic advice and lead negotiations with lenders on debt amendments, both with reference to economic terms and covenants.


Flexagon is keen in supporting both early stage and mature companies, whenever there is a solid story of innovation and/or a clear competitive edge.

We consider fundraising for both growth/development capital and to reduce debt.

We approach all deals with both the investor/market and the entrepreneur issues in mind, ensuring all issues are addressed at inception, therefore minimising the execution risk once the fundraising process is under way.

Flexagon brings in-depth knowledge and relationships with all types of equity investors: Venture Capital firms, Private Equity firms, High Net Worth individuals/families and Corporates.

We aim at identifying and approaching the most appropriate investor list for every company, making sure that each investor - wherever possible and meaningful - can add industrial and commercial value to the company.

Flexagon reviews and revises business plans and financial projections to ensure they are robust, provide advice on valuation and how to maximise it, support the management in preparing and co-ordinating due diligence information and sessions.

Flexagon negotiates terms of investment with lead investors, organises investor syndicate, completes closing and implements funding mechanics.


Solution driven approach for situations characterised by governance/organisational problems, diverging interests/views between management and shareholders, or between  shareholders themselves, transitional/succession phases.